Metcalfe family fallout!

With David having announced he wants to stay in Emmerdale, Alicia is on a mission to convince him to return to their new life in Portugal. With all that happened with Lachlan, Alicia can’t face staying in the village much longer, surrounded by awful memories of a terrible time in their lives. But she’s well aware Pollard needs their help as he grieves for his late wife Val. When Alicia tries to help, however, asking Ashley to come to talk to her father-in-law, her plan backfires so badly it sparks a family row.

Ross sees Debbie and is pleased to notice the chemistry is still there. He tells Emma the bad blood between him and Pete is all forgotten – but it’s clear he’s lying – and plotting.

As fear eats up the family, Bob’s compelled to return to the prison to speak to Ged. His threatening ex-cellmate claims to have nothing to do with the recent incident with Sandy, when the OAP was found out cold at Ashley’s with the gas on. As Bob demands Ged stops harassing his family, will he comply? Later, Bob tells Brenda and Harriet the situation is sorted. But is it?

Megan runs into Jai when she’s roped in to help Rishi prepare for the presentation at the factory. Jai is totally wired and, insisting she’s not needed, throws money in her face!