Adam should be keeping a low profile, but instead he’s in The Woolpack. Drunken Ella’s in there, too. So when Mia walks in and sees them both – the lad she loved and her bitch of a mother, who slept with him – she lashes out. Her knee goes to Adam’s dangly bits and her tongue cuts Ella as she tells her she hates her. Owwww! Adam can’t walk straight and Ella can’t think straight, but she knows one thing: she’s going to ruin Declan’s life. How? By telling him he’s not Mia’s father – Jai is!

Cain still wants to make Charity suffer so he can’t wait to tell her that Jai was sleeping with Ella while she was away. And Ella can’t wait to tell Charity that she was Jai’s first love and that he can’t keep his hands off her. What?? Charity wants to know if all this is true, but Jai wants to discuss something else: the matter of her sabotaging his business to make Nikhil look incompetent.

It’s surprising, really, that Cain has the time to make trouble for Charity when he has trouble of his own in the shape of Amy. At the abortion clinic Cain waits outside. Inside, though, Amy’s having second thoughts.

*Second episode*

Declan is reeling from Ella’s revelation: Mia’s not his daughter – she’s Jai’s daughter! The little girl he raised is not his little girl. The little girl he loved, cared for, protected, defended, took pride in… she’s not his flesh and blood. Jai is her father. Declan’s best friend, Jai. Except he doesn’t feel much like a best friend to Declan right now. Right now, Declan can barely bare to talk to Jai and he can’t face Mia at all.

Amy can’t face Cain; not because she has had an abortion, but because she hasn’t. She wants to keep the baby and she knows that’s not what Cain wants. Victoria steps in to help her friend. She tells Cain Amy needs to stay at the clinic for a while to recover so he leaves. Now Amy just has to face Val and Pollard.

Charity has to face an angry, suspicious Jai. She says she didn’t meddle with the factory orders but Jai doesn’t believe her – and Gennie confirms his belief that Charity’s a liar. Desperate, Charity accuses Jai of sleeping with Ella. But Jai’s not interested in fighting. He tells Charity they’re finished.