So, Declan’s response to finding out that Mia is not his daughter is to tell Jai to keep his mouth shut about being Mia’s father and to send Mia to live in Ireland with Dermot. That’s harsh! The poor girl did nothing wrong! She loves Dermot, but she loves Declan more and can’t understand why Declan’s doing this. It makes no sense to her at all. Of course, if Jai were to tell her the truth it would all make perfect sense… He turns up at Home Farm just as Mia’s leaving but he doesn’t know if he should say more than “goodbye”.

Sympathetic Bob’s got plenty to say to stressed-out Hazel. Earlier in the week he told her she could have a job in the cafe and she took it (yeah, even though it meant working with Brenda. And what’s happened to her??? Suddenly she’s barmy. Is it all the coffee fumes?). Now Bob’s telling Hazel she should take a holiday. You don’t find employers like that pretty much anywhere else in Britain! Trouble is, Hazel says she can’t afford a holiday.

Charity hasn’t quite found an answer to Jai’s rejection of her, but she’s still working on it. She won’t accept that they’re finished.