Mia wants to be with her mama!

After Ella’s calculated lie, Mia confronts Declan about his affair with Katie. Declan tells Mia there was no affair and Mia doesn’t know who to believe. Of course, if she just thought it through, she’d realise her mum’s lying, but Mia’s not one for thinking too hard. Instead, she tells Declan she’s going to Singapore with Ella. Now that hurts him – enough for him to agree to stop dating Katie. So, Ella gets what she wants. Declan, however, thinks he can carry on seeing Katie behind Mia’s back but Katie’s having none of that.

Rhona’s back and she’s having none of the nonsense she suffered before she left. So, she’s got a set of rules that both Paddy and Marlon are going to have to live by: she’s going back to work and Paddy’s taking paternity leave; and Marlon can have Leo for a sleepover one night a week, but he gives Rhona and Paddy plenty of space for the rest of the time.

Chas is glad Paddy’s back because she’s freaking out about Aaron’s upcoming trial. She goes to see Hazel to talk through her testimony but only succeeds in making Hazel feel terrified of letting Aaron down. After all, lawyers can trick you into saying all sorts of things…