Michael and Declan come to blows

Michael struggles to cope seeing Paul and Rebecca together, but she tells him he has to be patient. At Charlie’s, Michael asks Rebecca if she is free to look at the menus later but Paul steps in telling Rebecca he already has plans for her. Tensions rise when Paul belittles Michael over the shed and Declan tells Michael he needs to stop acting up and the pair come to blows.

Jade apologises to Lucas for doubting him and tries to make amends by taking him out for lunch. However, when Jade tries to get Lucas to bet over a pool game, Lucas flips out, telling her it was cheap of her to try and set him up. Lucas heads straight round to see Sonya accusing her of sending Jade to check up on him. Sonya tells Jade to keep out of it.

Toadie watches on as the guys talk about the shed. When Karl and Lou visit Toadie later, he is thrilled when they ask him if he’d like to join the shed. However, he has to pass an initiation and the guys tell Toadie he has to fix all the broken furniture in the shed. Thinking they have given him too much work, the guys are shocked when the return to an immaculate looking shed, complete with cold beers!

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