Michael and Martha’s plan backfires

Having been arrested for breaking and entering, Martha worries that she and Michael’s plan to help Annie and Geoff has serious repercussions for Michael. Since he has potentially breached his parole, he could be sent back to prison. Desperate to clear him, Martha pleads with the bank manager not to press charges. But she’s interrupted when the bank is held up by masked robber, Colin Marshall. Bent copper George turns up soon after, under the pretence of arresting the robber, but in reality joins forces with Colin to rob the safe.

But the pair are unaware Martha is hiding nearby and has overheard everything. As Colin gets into a car, George double crosses him and shoots him dead. Meanwhile, having witnessed everything, Jack realises George is in on the robbery. Hoping to silence Jack, George guns him down, claiming it was Colin’s doing. A horrified Martha finds Jack’s lifeless body. Will he survive?

In a bid to help Annie and Geoff save the farm, Irene manages to persuade the bank manager to give them one more day to find the cash. After Michael tries but fails to sell his own property to raise the money, he talks the bank into allowing the children to remove some of their personal possessions from the farm.

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