Michael’s home life and work life collide this week, when his soon-to-be-ex-wife Annalese makes a dramatic call at the hospital. As their marriage continues on a downward spiral, Annalese demands that they should call it quits and seek a divorce – but Michael doesn’t want to know. So, seeking out her aloof other half, Annalese takes Michael to task on the wards.

The visit causes further friction though, when Annalese bumps into Michael’s work rival Ric Griffin in the car park. Confiding her woes to Ric, the consultant takes great pleasure in stirring up trouble with Michael by relaying his conversation later that day.

Troubled that Annalese has chosen Ric as her confidante, Michael warns Ric away from his wife – but is there an unstoppable spark between the pair?

Elsewhere, Elliot is uncomfortable with the attention his OBE is attracting; Jac sticks up for Sacha when Mark continues to probe into his behaviour on the wards.