Michael bids farewell to Waterloo Road

Returning to Waterloo Road as headmaster, Michael Byrne makes one final attempt at stopping Lorraine from turning the school into a fee-paying establishment by bringing along Robert Bain from the Department of Education to the school.

After visiting Waterloo Road, Robert admits that he is impressed with what Michael has achieved and is surprised that Lorraine wants to leave her venture. However, when Lorraine discovers that Michael has gone behind her back in involving Robert, she’s livid.

Michael tries to reason with Lorraine about what he’s trying to do, but she won’t be moved. She then confirms that her fee-paying decision is going ahead.

Christine then suggests to Michael that the pair leave the school together. However, he has some shocking news for her when he reveals that he no longer loves her. Then, when Nikki delivers some strong words to Lorraine, she realises that the game is up. Along with Michael, Lorraine also decides to leave Waterloo Road for good.

Plus, Lula’s plan to expose Nox for their animal cruelty goes awry. Fuelled by anger, she hatches a plan to attack Lorraine, but it’s Esther who finds herself caught in the hazardous crossfire.