Michael causes trouble at the Vic

Michael goes to Phil and Shirley’s engagement party at the Vic and gets Max to agree to a wager over a game of darts – a kiss from Vanessa. Alfie joins in and bets the 1000 pounds he owes him. Alfie is angry when Michael tries to let him win. Michael wonders if Alfie saw Kat trying to kiss him, but Kat says it didn’t mean anything.

Phil returns from hospital in time for his engagement party at the Vic. Glenda meets Phil and tries to record him talking about their affair, but he’s onto her. Phil surprises Shirley, Ben and Jay with a holiday to Portugal, an engagement present from Grant. Glenda tries to get Ian to back her up as witness to her affair with Phil, but Ian refuses. Glenda feels defeated, but when she bumps into Roxy she decides to spill about Phil stealing Roxy’s money…

Ricky asks Whitney to come home, but she refuses. Janine plans to get Phil to give her and Whitney a job in the club. Roxy vetoes the idea and Phil agrees with her. Janine calls David from Whitney’s mobile and arranges for them to go out with David and a friend. Whitney worries what they might want, but Janine assures her she’s got a plan.