Michael has fallen asleep next to Ronnie. Jack finds him and a confused Ronnie, but assumes Michael was sleepwalking. Later, Jack tells Michael that he and Ronnie are moving away as soon as the court case is over. Michael doesn’t want to lose Ronnie. He talks Jack into secretly visiting Tommy to say goodbye, then he tells Alfie that Jack’s hired Ronnie a hotshot new QC to get her off the charges. Alfie punches Jack and Ronnie finds out about Jack’s visit and is gutted by his deception.

Janine panics when her landlord says that unless she stumps up the rent she owes he’s evicting her by the end of the day. Janine tries to sell a bracelet to Pat, but she turns her down. Janine is so desperate she asks Ian for extra work at the chippy. Janine gives her landlord the rent. He takes it, but says he’s evicting her anyway.

Jodie, Darren and Poppy are in the cafe chatting about Poppy’s new boyfriend, who happens to be Jodie’s ex. Tyler swaggers into the cafe and tries it on with Jodie. Darren is outraged. Tyler gets the brush off and has a pop at Whitney instead. Whitney is less than impressed and she punches him. Tyler is smitten!