Michael changes the baby’s name!

Janine is still in hospital with her poorly baby. Exhausted, she struggles to comfort her while it feels odd calling her ‘Pat’. When Michael arrives revealing he’s registered the baby’s name as ‘Scarlett Patricia’ without asking her, Janine is initially furious. She soon admits that she loves little Scarlett’s name.

Kat avoids the Square barbecue claiming she has a migraine. When Alfie is kind, Kat’s guilt gets the better of her and she cries. Kat tries to be the perfect wife and mum in a flurry of cleaning, ironing and cake baking. That evening things finally warm up between Kat and Alfie until Kat is distracted by a text from her lover saying he’s in the alley. Kat leaves Alfie waiting in bed to tell her lover to leave, but she can’t resist a kiss!

Shirley drowns her sorrows in sangria at the Square barbecue. After drunkenly harassing Fat Boy she climbs on top of the public toilets and starts singing. Shirley is soon in tears, realising how much she misses best mate Heather. Jean is on the roof as well looking at the stars through a telescope. When Jean encourages Shirley to live life for Heather’s sake, she’s grateful for her words.

Also, Joey and Lucy’s romance heats up.