Michael collapses in the middle of passion!

Eileen and Michael get physical on the sofa, but Michael struggles to breathe and collapses. Eileen’s horror turns to panic when Gail knocks on the door. Gail’s shocked by Michael’s state, oblivious to the cause of it. Michael wakes up in hospital and orders Gail to get out. Later, Eileen admits to the doctor that she and Michael were getting frisky when he collapsed and is then horrified to see a tearful Gail standing nearby.

Simon apologises for losing his temper, but Leanne marches him round to No 1 and leaves him with Ken.

A vitriolic Liz lays into Tony, but he’s determined to win her back by staying at the pub and Sarah’s caught in the middle as Tony insists on joining a hostile Liz behind the bar.

Maria realises that Luke must have punched Andy after discovering how he embroiled Steph in his deception and she apologises for treating him so badly.