Michael collapses!

When Nick complains he’s short-staffed at the bistro, Michael offers Gavin’s services, explaining he’s a professional cocktail waiter. Gavin is forced to agree and although he’s clearly clueless about cocktails, there’s an instant attraction between him and Steph. Michael calls in but suffers a dizzy spell and collapses. Having been helped home, he finally tells Gavin that he has an hereditary heart condition.

Tracy’s despondent when the bank reject her loan request, worried she’ll have to fold the business. When Carla then storms into the shop and demands to buy all Rob’s possessions, appalled that Tracy could be so callous, Tracy lets rip.

As Julie excitedly tells Sophie she’s got a date with Dominic, Dev warns her that Dominic hasn’t got over his bitter divorce. During lunch Julie and Dominic soon realise that Dev has been telling them both scurrilous stories about the other. Julie confronts Dev and demands to know why he’s been telling lies, but she’s stunned by his response.

Also, Tracy calls at No 11 and orders Todd back to work. Todd explains he’s embarrassed about his face, but Tracy tells him he can’t hide forever.