Michael discovers Andy’s betrayal!

Gail’s shaken when Susan phones, revealing she’s sent Michael a photo album documenting Gavin’s life. When Michael returns to No 8 clutching the parcel, Gail and Andy are beside themselves. Michael’s touched by Susan’s thoughtfulness with the album and as he coos over baby pictures of Gavin, Gail and Andy are filled with dread, certain the game’s up. As he turns the pages it slowly dawns on Michael that he’s looking at pictures of a different man.

With the Websters distracted by the aftermath of the fire, Jenny packs two bags and books a taxi to Hull for her and Jack.

Eileen’s disgusted that Tony’s disappeared and not even bothered trying to contact Liz. Jason attempts to defend his dad, but it’s clear Eileen has mind her mind up.

Julie and Mary look forward to welcoming Dev home from India. David prepares for a home visit from a Cafcass representative, Kylie’s reappearance not far from his thoughts.