Janine turns down Michael’s request to let Scarlett spend one night of the week with him. As they argue, Scarlett’s buggy falls over, leaving Scarlett trapped. United in their worry for Scarlett, who proves to be unharmed, they spend the evening together. Janine agrees to let Scarlett stay over with Michael after all. Nearly tempted into a kiss, Janine is angry that she let her guard down. Michael is furious when he later sees Janine answering the door to Danny – and kissing him!

Lauren visits Kirsty, wanting to know how she feels about Max. Accusing Kirsty of messing up everything for Max and Tanya, Lauren tells Kirsty she owes her… Lauren brings Kirsty back home, telling Max that she wants him and Kirsty to give things another go as she wants him to be happy. Max puts Kirsty’s wedding ring back on her finger.

Lucy leaves Ian hanging when he wants to know if she’s grassed him up to Janine. Meanwhile, Danny is annoyed when Janine promotes Lucy for her excellent business ideas for R&R. Proudly telling Ian about her promotion, Lucy is hurt when Ian is more concerned about whether she’s told Janine he’s been cheating her. Lucy sullenly tells Ian that Janine knows nothing.