Michael faces a moral dilemma

The future of Holby’s plastic surgery unit is thrown in jeopardy when surgeon Michael Spence makes a discovery about Sunil Bhatti – and questions whether he can work with his old friend.

One of Holby’s most senior advisors is visiting the hospital to consider funding for the unit. Mr Farrell is keen to see them in action – and Rose, a patient having a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, is the perfect case study.

Rose’s mastectomy goes well, but Michael’s forced out of theatre before he can insert her breast implants. When Sunil turns his attentions to a helicopter crash victim, Michael insists they complete Rose’s surgery.

Michael then learns that implants are being supplied by a firm called Prego Holdings – owned by Sunil – and warns him they could lose their jobs. Will Michael ignore Sunil’s dodgy dealings to run Holby’s top department?

Meanwhile, Sacha struggles to control his team as Frieda and Chrissie become increasingly frustrated with each other, and has to learn to take a tough stance.

And Ric asks Malick to keep an eye on Elizabeth – but is less than pleased to discover her caught in the crossfire between Dan and Malick.