Michael faces competition from Alex

Having decided to return to Holby, Michael Spence is quick to show who’s boss on AAU – but he gets a shock when he realises that he’s got competition for the clinical lead job he’s after.

When Alex Broadhurst assists with patient Nathan’s abdominal injuries, Michael’s impressed with her work. He thinks Alex is locum registrar, but when she later turns up in AAU with Hanssen, Michael realises she’s a consultant.

When Michael wants to remove Nathan’s spleen, Alex urges him to do more tests. And as they continue to lock horns over Nathan’s treatment, Michael’s convinced Alex is trying to undermine him. Michael goes ahead with Nathan’s surgery but is forced to call for Alex’s expert help.

Later, when Hanssen pins up the job advert, telling Michael he’s welcome to apply, Alex reveals she’s also going for the job. Will the best person win?

Meanwhile, Oliver connects with a grieving patient with heart problems, but Greg fails to recognise the skills Oliver has gained under Jac’s mentorship. Will Greg allow Oliver to prove his talent and save the life of his patient?

Also, Dan deals with a patient, whose war protests have put her health at risk. Dan can’t understand her stance but sees she has a determination he lacks. Can he admit who he truly is despite what it might cost him?