Michael finally meets his son

Michael apologises to Gavin for being an absent father and hopes they can get to know each other. Telling Michael he needs time to think things over, Gavin leaves. Gail does her best to comfort a deflated Michael as he waits to hear from Gavin.

Michelle asks Steve to tell her what’s wrong or she’s leaving. Utterly devastated, Michelle gets out of the car and returning to the pub she announces that she and Steve are finished. Lloyd and Andrea find Steve and beg him to apologise to Michelle, but Steve’s unresponsive as Michelle packs her bags.

Dev escorts Julie to the party at a posh hotel. He introduces Julie to his golfing friend Dominic and they hit it off immediately. Dev’s quietly jealous, especially when Dominic and Julie exchange phone numbers.

Also, when Kylie receives a text from Callum she quickly deletes it without reading it.