There’s a new kid at Waterloo Road this evening, as Freddie joins Linda’s form. But after being fussed over by his mum at the school gates, he quickly finds it hard to fit in. Michael tells him that a good way to be involved will be to do well in PE, so Freddie goes out onto the football field. But it doesn’t take long before he collapses. Meanwhile, Michael is reading Freddie’s file which says that because of a heart condition, he shouldn’t be doing any physical activity, meaning Michael has landed himself in big trouble again!

Michael then finds out that Phoenix is the person who’s been blackmailing him with footage of what happened with Wayne Johnson. Michael gives Phoenix £100 to keep quiet, which he takes in exchange for his silence.

Then, Linda plants something on Michael’s desk while he’s out of his office. But what is it? Michael opens it up, and it’s a wreath saying ‘RIP Michael’. He thinks that it’s been Phoenix calling him and hanging up, and after this, he thinks he has the culprit. Even though it’s Linda, he accuses Phoenix and goes mad at him. Sian has to break up their fighting.

Michael then tells Sian that he doesn’t know what he would’ve done without her, and in the car park he tells her that he loves her. Phoenix goes to Michael Byrne’s house and posts the USB stick to him with the footage on it inside.