Michael fronts up to Jack

Michael confronts Jack about beating him up and points out Jack doesn’t trust Ronnie if he believed the lie Eddie fed him so easily. Jack and Michael make up. Eddie finds out that Lola started the fire, not Michael, and feels guilty. Anthony wants Eddie and Michael to make up and gets them to the Vic for lunch. Eddie tells Michael he loves him and they embrace, but it’s clear from Michael’s face that this is all part of his plan…

Greg is frustrated when Tanya invites her mum Cora to stay when she has trouble with her neighbours. Greg decides to be more proactive in making decisions in their marriage and tells Tanya he wants them to sell up and move on. A panicky Tanya asks Rainie and Cora to give her and Greg some space for a few days so she can make him forget about wanting to move house.

Billy waits for the social worker to turn up to talk about taking in Lola. Eddie bursts in and confronts Lola for torching all his stock. Billy bundles Eddie out of the door as the social worker arrives. The meeting with the social worker goes well, until an estate agent comes into Billy’s squat and demands to know what they’re doing there!