Michael gets a shock at Jack’s!

Michael arrives at the flat to speak with Jack, unaware that Ronnie is there. They are interrupted by Ronnie and Jack ushers him out of the flat. Later at the cafe, Michael tells him that Ronnie is ‘sick’, and that most people in the Square think this. Jack threatens to hit Michael, but storms out instead. Everyone Jack passes seems to be thinking the same as Michael. At the flat Jack gently tells Ronnie that she will have to leave as her living there isn’t going to work.

Zainab realises that the Minute Mart has been burgled after she forgot to lock up, but blames it on Denise. Concerned that Zainab has had a fight with Masood, Denise takes the blame for the burglary, and tells Patrick it was her fault.

Edward asks Dot out to watch a film, but she points out that Jim is home and sleeps in the afternoon so they can pop out then. At the cinema, Dot accidentally brushes her hand across Edward’s and freezes when he places his hand on top of hers. Edward tells her that they have something special, but Dot tells him she is a married woman and rushes home to tend to Jim.

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