Michael gets a shock

Annie and Geoff are in shock following Bruce’s death from a heart attack. But everyone is stunned when Reverend Hall gives Michael – aka Jonah – a legal document from Bruce which makes Michael trustee of his estate and therefore Annie and Geoff’s legal guardian until Geoff turns 18.

While Irene and Alf jump to the conclusion that Michael and The Believers are responsible for this turn of events, Martha defends Michael, telling them he’s a changed man. Meanwhile, Martha is struggling to contain her growing feelings for Michael, and when they end up alone together in the barn, passion takes over and they end up sleeping together, only for Annie to walk in on them in each other’s arms.

After Tam and Brad settle into their new home, Brad urges Tam to start school, but it’s the last thing she wants to do and doesn’t even make it to her first class. When Brad finds her, she tells him she wants to make the most of her short time in the Bay rather than go to school. Brad agrees on the condition that Alf watches over her during school hours and Alf reluctantly agrees.

Also, nerve-racked Matilda ends up walking out of her HSC exam.

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