Janine swans in to the club in her own good time after Phil asks her to help. Phil locks Janine in the office and forces her to do a stock-take. Janine smashes the bottles of booze. She tells Phil that she can pay for them. Janine sets off the fire alarm and the club empties. Janine is left alone in the club drinking and dancing. Michael is still at the bar. Janine throws herself at Michael and they passionately kiss!

Mandy convinces Ian to take a sickie and spend the day with her. Mandy draws a beard on Ian while he’s snoozing and helps herself to Lucy’s clothes. Ian later finds his phone inside a jelly and realises he’s been the butt of Mandy’s jokes all day. Ian throws Mandy out, but she takes his wallet with her.

Kat takes a mystery phone call. Alfie tells Kat that he’s arranged for Shenice to stay in Walford, but Kat is distracted. Jean realises that Kat’s not quite right, but Kate evades her questions. Kat has a go at Alfie for agreeing to let Shenice stay without asking her first. Later, Kat phones Doctor Khan to talk about her pregnancy!

Also, Darren steals from the car lot.