Michael gets on the wrong side of Phil

Jack stayed the night with Michael after his row with Ronnie. He tells Ronnie he’s quitting the car lot and starting at the gym full-time. Ronnie desperately tries to dissuade Jack but it’s to no avail, as a betrayed Max tells him he doesn’t want him at the car lot anyway. Ronnie visits the recently returned Phil and begs him to get rid of Michael.

Michael tries to help Roxy break into her house when she accidentally locks Amy inside. Ronnie turns up just in time with the spare keys. Roxy is late for work and annoys Tanya and Syed as well as the clients. Tanya realises Syed is plotting to leave the salon and start up alone. Later, Roxy has dinner at Ronnie and Jack’s and is pleased when Michael arrives.

Phil and Shirley are back from their honeymoon holiday. Phil is on crutches and Shirley reveals that Phil had a fall after a funny turn in a bar and he needs a stress-free life from now on. Phil’s annoyed as Shirley wraps him up in cotton wool and tries to convince her that his heart is fine.

Also, Jay punches Max when he insults Jay’s dead dad.