Daniel goes to Michael’s presentation and publically discredits his research. Zara is horrified, especially when Michael tells her he wishes he’d never met her. Zara returns to work and learns of the formal complaint against her. She answers the partner’s questions about her treatment of Sid, but when she appeals to Jimmi and Daniel to back her up, they refuse.

Amy is getting married tomorrow and Zoe has insisted on having a rehearsal at Mrs Tembe’s church. Things come to a head as Amy and Julian practice the vows Zoe has written for them and Julian walks out, annoyed Zoe is taking over their wedding. Mrs Tembe steps in and, as Amy and Julian practice walking down the aisle, an uneasy truce is forged.

Zara tries to take a gentle approach with Sid and he impresses her with what he has to say. Meanwhile, Heston sees Howard and wants to make a formal complaint on Sid’s behalf. Howard speaks to Sid and is shocked by the lists of incidents.