Michael goads Joey about Alice

Kat comforts an upset Alice, and is furious to discover that Alice’s mystery man in Michael! After a dressing down from Kat about being so hateful to Alice, Michael knows he deserves punishment. Deliberately telling Joey that he slept with Alice, Michael takes a punch from Joey, who tells him to stay away from his sister.

Lucy shows Peter the letter to Carol that Ian has been hiding, suggesting he’s up to something. A protective Peter is sure Ian must have picked it up by accident. Fed up with Lucy and Ian’s bickering, Peter tells the pair to stop making him choose between them. After Bianca is kind to Peter, he gives Bianca the letter to pass on to Carol. Bianca is shocked to realise that the letter is from her dad.

Lauren has been out all night drinking. Abi looks after Lauren again while Tanya goes out, not realising Lauren has slipped out of the house when Abi’s not looking. Buying vodka from the Minute Mart, Lauren takes a big glug before returning home. As disgusted Abi snatches the vodka bottle and pours it away, Lauren throws a wobbly. Finding the chaos, Tanya throws out Lauren, telling her to live with Max and Kirsty.