Eileen gets a text from Michael inviting her to dinner, but when she turns up Michael asks her to leave, leaving her crushed. Gail’s thrilled, thinking he’s chosen her over Eileen but Michael has news for both the women in his life.

Having been questioned over the events with Dan, Simon leaves the police station with Leanne. And as she desperately tries to talk to him, Simon remains sullen.

Robert invites Ken and Tracy to join him at a trade fair and, while they’re out, a woman named Joni calls at No.1 looking for Tracy. After a lovely day out, Robert offers to cook for Ken and Tracy again. Tracy kisses him, inviting Robert to stay the night, and he surreptitiously makes a call, claiming he’s staying at a mate’s house.

Tim tells Sally of his ambitious plans to sign-up an entire housing estate. But when Kevin tells them how well his business meeting went, Sally’s impressed leaving Tim deflated.

Also, Callum tells Bethany they’ll hatch a plan to force Sarah to let her go to Paris.