Michael is abducted!

Ronnie wants to know when Phil is going to deal with Michael. Phil tricks Michael into getting into the back of a delivery van and shuts the door on him. Michael’s horrified when the van drives off and he breaks his phone and can’t call anyone. Phil tells Ronnie that Michael has been dumped miles from anywhere. Ronnie tells Phil she wants him gone for good – he’s dangerous. Michael makes it back to the Square and Jack is relieved when he makes it in time for the opening of the gym.

Tanya encourages Jane to get on her glad rags for a big night at the club to wind up Ian – and it works. but Jane tells Tanya that she doesn’t want a new bloke – she just wants to make Ian jealous. Meanwhile, Fatboy bonds with Ian over business and he agrees to meet up with a lonely Ian.

Kat and Alfie visit their doctor to talk about IVF. The doctor says that as long as Kat is comfortable with trying for a baby so soon after losing Tommy then they are fine to go ahead. Alfie realises that Kat isn’t sure and they can never get back to how they were. Alfie says they both know it’s over.