Eddie has a run in with Michael, who tells him he wants nothing to do with him. Ronnie sympathises with Michael, as she felt the same about Archie. Eddie tries again with Michael and pushes him into meeting later on. Eddie is on his way to see Michael when his son Tyler arrives in the Square. Meanwhile, Michael is waiting in the cafe for Eddie. Michael finds Eddie and Tyler in the pub and is furious.

Tamwar and Afia need to make their marriage legal and are booked into the register office. Syed is worried the young couple will regret it when they explain they’re getting married without the family. Christian and Syed turn up to the register office to surprise them and are witnesses as a happy Tamwar and Afia get wed.

Shirley enjoys her new status as owner of the cafe and bosses around Carol. Phil gets a text from Rainie. Shirley hides her hurt when Ian laughs that Phil bought the cafe for Shirley out of a guilty conscience. Shirley spikes Rainie’s drink with vodka, but she then knocks the drink from her hand. Shirley has a plan and offers Rainie a job in the cafe where she can keep an eye on her…