Michael is furious with Andrew

Michael is suspicious when he sees Summer waiting on Tash and wonders if she’s ill. Meanwhile, Tash is enjoying taking full advantage of Andrew and Summer believing she is pregnant. However, when Andrew tells her they have to tell their parents, she refuses to talk about it. At the Robinson’s, Rebecca can tell that Andrew isn’t OK and asks what’s wrong.

He tells her that Tash is pregnant and she insists that Michael and Paul have to know. Natasha goes to see Rebecca and tells her she can’t tell anyone. Rebecca is shocked by Tash’s outburst, but she apologises and says she’s just scared. When Andrew tells Tash he’s called Michael so they can tell him, Tash starts to panic. Michael is furious and tells Andrew to get out.

The guys and girls are planning their calendars in a bid to win the shed. When Susan mentions that the girls will do manicures and other girly things when they win, Karl knows they need to step up their game – they need Mark on side. Seeing how the ladies check Mark out, Karl pushes Lucas into asking him, but Mark says no. Lucas doesn’t give up and even uses emotional blackmail. He’s thrilled when Mark finally says yes.

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