Tash is furious when Michael drags her home from the nightclub she was at with Ivan. Meanwhile, Andrew worries about dobbing her in. At school, Tash overhears Chris, Summer and Andrew talking about her and she tells them they’ve ruined the best thing she had going. However, not giving up on her new relationship, Tash thinks getting Ivan and Michael to meet is the way forward.

Michael refuses but after some wise words from Karl, explaining that by hating Ivan, it will only push him and Tash closer together, he agrees to meet him. However, Ivan isn’t interested so Tash tricks him into meeting Michael at Charlie’s. Things don’t go well when Michael asks him why he’s interested in a 17-year-old child and Ivan walks out.

Things are tense at the Kennedys when Summer feels that Susan is suffocating her. Firstly, she’s changed the curtains in Summer’s room without asking and then she asks Michael if she can have a parent/teacher interview with him about Summer. He tells her it’s not necessary but she insists. When Summer tells Susan she doesn’t need to do all these things for her, Susan apologises and says she’ll back off. Feeling unneeded, Susan decides to visit Billy and Anne.

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