Michael hides his disappointment when Janine doesn’t turn up with Scarlett. Realising he’s putting on a front Kat encourages him to confront Janine. When there’s no answer at Janine’s, Michael leaves a threatening message for her with Billy. Michael later catches up with Janine and is horrified when she calmly informs him that she’s changed her mind – she doesn’t want him having any access to Scarlett.

Meanwhile, Roxy tells Alfie they’ve got the go-ahead to start a family after the doctor tells her she’s in good shape for a pregnancy. When Alfie suggests that they keep it to themselves for the time being, Roxy is frustrated. Popping in to ask Alfie to babysit Tommy, Kat is shocked to see a leaflet about trying for a baby. Roxy asks Kat to not to say anything. After dealing with Michael’s anger at Janine’s latest trick, a gutted Kat breaks down.

Lola can’t share Billy’s excitement about the upcoming hearing for Lexi, still wary that something might stop her from getting Lexi back. When Sharon approaches Lola asking for her pills, Lola tells her she’s thrown them away. Despite making a promise to Lola to confess her addiction to Phil, Sharon continues to lie.