Ronnie tries to talk to both Jack and Roxy about her trial and the likelihood of prison and is frustrated when Jack and Roxy insist that she won’t be locked up. Ronnie heads to the gym and tells Michael he’s the only person who understands her. Michael moves in for a kiss. A shocked Ronnie pulls away and warns him never to touch her again.

Meanwhile, Jay tells Abi he’ll take her to the Vic for a drink. Jay is humiliated when Eddie gives him soft drinks. Jay steals the keys to the pub and he and Abi break in after hours. When Abi sends some empties crashing to the floor the teens do a runner and Michael sees them. Kat is terrified to discover the pub has been broken into. A vengeful Michael lies to a horrified Kat that he saw Ronnie fleeing across the Square…

Billy meets up with his old care home worker Henry, as he needs help tracing his son. Billy makes clear his distaste at having to ask for the abusive man’s help. Henry convinces Billy to take him for a meal at the Vic as a sweetener. An unsuspecting Julie almost catches them together and Billy has to give Henry cash to get a cab home.