Michael is upset to learn his father died some years ago and arranges to meet an aunt to find out more. When the aunt reveals Michael’s dad died in his Fifties from a hereditary heart condition, he’s left shocked.

When Tracy lets slip that Steve’s bringing in Amy to see Jim, Peter’s rattled and Tracy demands to know why. She’s shocked as Peter explains Jim was his booze supplier and blackmailed him into persuading Steve to visit. Peter urges Tracy to tell Steve the truth, claiming he doesn’t care what Jim does to him. Tracy decides to break the news to Steve but worries about putting Peter at risk.

When Tim can’t stop sneezing, Maddie and Sophie are sheepish, realising he’s allergic to Eccles who’s holed up in the bedroom.

Also, Maddie starts in packing at Underworld and impresses with her efficiency  as she pays off her debt to Carla for her not going to the police over Maddie taking her car; Dev and Julie head out for a drink together leaving an upset Mary to babysit again.