Michael lets his mask slip with Jean

Michael tries to distract Jean to make her miss her interview with Butcher’s Joints. He’s successful in his quest after bombarding her with details about the investment and how she’s helping the community. To keep Jean put, Michael encourages her to talk about her past and Sean. Michael finds himself opening up about his mother, prompting Jean to give him a comforting hug.

Ian rushes round trying to organise the wedding, not knowing that Lucy is one step behind him cancelling everything he arranges. Ian doesn’t even have a best man with Alfie not around when even Fat Boy refuses! Max feels sorry for Ian and offers to take the job. Max calls the Register Office and discovers that ‘Mandy Salter’ has cancelled the booking. Ian furiously confronts Mandy but in a daze she reveals her mum has just died.

Kim confides in Lauren about Sasha’s terrible dancing. Lauren makes mischief by suggesting to Ray that Sasha go to Kim’s Kimba class. Sasha is as bad as Kim expected. Kim is furious when Sasha tells Ray the class was rubbish. Kim tells Ray that he’s giving Sasha false hope as she’s a terrible dancer. Kim apologises for being harsh but is stunned when Ray says he loves her!