Michael loses it after Jean meddles!

Janine is feeling increasingly stressed about the wedding as her family might not be able to make it, while Jean sows more seeds of doubt about Michael. Janine collapses and is warned by the doctor the stress could harm her baby. Michael is furious when Janine wants to cancel the wedding. Michael storms over to the Vic to have it out with Jean, but is thrown out by Ray and Jack.

Lucy is desperate for a friend as she continues to be menaced by Derek, who is intent on stealing money from the cafe. Lucy begs Lauren to make up with her and when Lauren sees Lucy’s fear around Derek she realises what’s going on. Later, Derek confronts Lucy in the chip shop, demanding the cash she’s hiding, while Lauren secretly listens in.

Jay is excited about his engagement to Abi and encourages Abi to wear her ring. Abi reluctantly agrees, but panics when the ring gets stuck. Max and Tanya prepare a lunch to celebrate Abi going to Costa Rica. Abi is mortified when Jay forces her to show her parents the engagement ring. Max and Tanya are horrified!

Also, Kat reveals to Alfie she knows Roxy gave him money.