Michael makes more enemies!

Esther is persuaded by her singing buddies to carry on with her alternative choir when her estranged husband Michael makes everyone audition for their places in his competitive choral group.

Shrek in particular takes the loss of being in the choir to heart as, like Kyle, he’s got learning difficulties but a special talent for singing. He’s then evicted from his accommodation and starts sleeping rough in the church.

To make matters worse, Layla has taken a dislike to Shrek and seems to think he’s stalking her. He isn’t, but some circumstantial evidence works against him. Esther, fired on by cute curate, Jake, decides to stand up to the straight-laced bullies and relaunches All The Small Things.

But all is not well at home and Esther’s daughter Georgia decides to move out of the family house and in with Michael and the ever-scheming Layla.

Meanwhile, shy and sensitive Kyle deals with his parents bust-up the only way he knows how – by burying himself in his music. With his neighbour Grace’s encouragement, they start up a new band, which little brother Freddie reluctantly joins.