Michael makes Vanessa an attractive offer

Eddie rescues Vanessa and takes her to the B&B. Vanessa is determined not to be beaten by Max and dolls herself up. Michael looks on with interest when Vanessa turns up at the shop, but she turns away when she sees Eddie flirting with Carol. Vanessa returns to the shop later and finds Michael alone. Michael spits out that Eddie is a liar and a cheat and destroyed his mother. Michael offers Vanessa money to break Eddie’s heart!

Tanya falls out with Lauren when Ryan appears from her bedroom. Tanya goes to see Yusef, who tells her she’ll need a colposcopy and biopsy to test for cancer. A rattled Tanya returns home. She’s touched when an apologetic Lauren helps her clean the house. Meanwhile, Max texts Abi to say he’s fine, but he needs some space.

Darren begs Ian to let him rent his flat. Ian agrees to impress a visiting Rebecca. Ian is chuffed when Rebecca arranges to meet him later. Cheryl turns up at the house and Ian pretends to be sick to get rid of her. Ian is disappointed when Rebecca turns up in overalls to help him clean the flat for Darren – he thought they were going out!

Also, Whitney gives Lee her phone number.