The irrepressible comic looks back at his finest moments in Michael McIntyre’s Big Surprises on BBC1

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show has finished for now, but fear not, as here’s the chance to revisit some of his favourite pranks and surprises from the last four series.

Who can forget Ed Balls inviting his friends (famous and not) to a hot tub party, courtesy of Celebrity Send to All?

And a bleary-eyed Gino D’Acampo being woken by Michael in the middle of the night and being made to eat pork scratchings pizza. And then finding Sinitta singing in his shower? Nightmare!

But for Unexpected Star Anush Hydros from series three, the Big Show proved to be his big break, as he’s now starring on the West End stage in Motown: The Musical.

TV Times Rating: ****