Michael meets his secret brother!

Eddie takes Michael to an assisted living home. He has someone to show him. Eddie introduces Michael to his full brother Craig, who has Downs Syndrome. Michael is stunned and can’t believe that Eddie has never told him about Craig. Eddie snaps that their mother was not the saint that they make her out to be. Michael spends time with Craig and realises that Eddie has always looked out for him.

Eddie and Michael return to the hospital. Tyler is undergoing surgery and the doctors are not sure he’ll pull through. Michael asks Eddie for the truth about his mum. Eddie reveals that she negelected him and Craig. On the day that she died, she was angry with Eddie for looking at a pretty waitress and vowed to punish him. Her suicide was intended to be an attempt, but the six-year-old Michael didn’t come home when he was expected and by the time he did, she had died. Father and son embrace, finally putting the past behind them.

Jack realises that Darren has been stealing from the car lot and tells Jodie, who calls off the wedding. Darren is devastated. Tamwar and Fat Boy give Darren suggestions on how to win round Jodie. Darren sees Jodie comforting an upset Anthony and gets the wrong idea. So Darren gets drunk with Lauren and they passionately kiss…