Michael plots to rid himself of Janine

Michael is furious after Janine takes out an injunction to prevent him from seeing Scarlett following his attack the day before. When Michael threatens Janine again she announces to everyone that he tried to strangle her. Forced to back down, Michael forms a plan. After letting slip to Alice he wishes he’d finished off Janine when he had the chance, he backtracks when an outraged Alice says she’s moving out. Telling Alice that he needs her and wants her, they are soon passionately kissing…

Ava and Cora are nervous as Dexter is taken in for his operation. Sent home by Ava, Cora is relieved when Ava calls to say that Dexter’s operation has gone well. Sam is next under the knife, and again the surgery is successful. But despite an initially good recovery, Dexter loses consciousness and is rushed back into theatre, fighting for his life.

David is on the up as he repays Janine’s loan, suggesting they work together again. Visiting Ian, David enjoys his shock, although Ian insists he’s got all he’s every wanted while David has nothing. When Masood offers to cook dinner to celebrate Whitney getting the teaching assistant job, David decides to go one better, using Cindy to use her family discount at Scarlett’s to buy steak.