Michael pops the question!

Janine tries to make up with Michael and is gutted when he refuses to talk to her. Billy tells Janine that a potential business contact called and has invited her to the restaurant at London landmark The Gherkin to discuss. Janine finds the restaurant deserted. Michael enters and talks about soulmates before getting down on one knee and proposing. An overwhelmed Janine accepts – but insists he signs a pre-nup!

Mandy feels obliged to agree when Ian invites Lorraine back to the house. She warns Ian that he’ll regret it. Lorraine shows her nasty side when she’s left alone with Mandy. She tells Mandy that Ian’s a catch and she wants her share. Mandy tries to get rid of Lorraine, but Ian insists she stays. Mandy is scared when Lorraine darkly warns her that she’s not going anywhere…

Lauren is desperate for Lucy and Whitney to make up. Lauren convinces Lucy to apologise to Whitney for the Tyler incident. Lucy tells Whitney she’s only apologising for Lauren. Lauren’s delighted when Lucy and Whitney come over for a girly afternoon. Lauren cracks open the wine and gets steadily drunk. The girls hide Lauren from her mum when Tanya gets home early.