Michael realises the depth of Gail’s deception

Michael reels as Andy reveals his real name and Gail admits that she was in on the deception, but feared the truth would give Michael a heart attack. As David shows the Cafcass officer into No 8, they’re stunned to walk into a bitter row between Michael, Gail and Andy. Matters go from bad to worse when Gail’s forced to divulge that the real Gavin is dead. As Andy implores Michael to believe he looks on him as his father, Michael is disgusted and storms out.

Struggling with the weight of her guilt, Jenny realises she can’t stick around and offers to take Jack away for a few days so that Kevin can focus on his family in the aftermath of the fire.

Mary’s intrigued when she takes a call on Dev’s mobile from a woman named Talisa. Dev assures her they’re just friends who met during the charity project, but Mary’s unconvinced.