Michael realises the importance of family

Michael is upset that Annalese is planning to take the kids to the South of France for the Summer. He asks Donna to get them a going away present, and flirts with new nurse Penny. When he arrives at his old home, he sees one of his kids being wheeled into an ambulence and Ric comforting Annalese. What is going on?

Connie is stunned when Jayne tells her she suspects John is having an affair. Although she ended it as soon as she found out John was Jayne’s husband, Connie panics. She calls John and arranges to meet him. But on the way, she is called back for an emergency operation.

Connie leaves a message with John, and after theatre heads to meet him. As he’s not there, she goes to his hotel room. When she gets there, she learns to her horror that the affair Jayne suspects him of is not with her – John’s sleeping with another woman!

Elliot is flustered as his old friend Tara turns up. She won’t give up until he agrees to meet her. But whenever she talks about the past, he changes the subject. What is he trying to avoid?