Michael risks all to impress the money man

Michael is ready to throw in the towel on the no-referral policy as AAU reaches breaking point. However when he finds out that the new business manager George Binns is carrying out a financial appraisal on all wards, he decides to buckle down and impress the ‘money man’. But, with AAU theatre full, Michael is forced to take desperate action with a patient’s care in front of George…

Tara is so desperate to prove that she can cope with Jac’s brutal regime, she rejects any help from Elliot or Ollie. Her pride then stops her from then admitting she is struggling with the guest patient’s diagnosis, resulting in a routine test going very wrong!

Chantelle is struggling to believe she will be the best candidate for the permanent nursing position on Keller. Her confidence is further undermined when an old ‘friend’ from college turns up as a guest patient and jealously makes a complaint against her.