Michael says goodbye to the Street (VIDEO)

Michael bids an emotional farewell to Andy and Steph and sets off in his ice cream van for Brighton. When Andy tells Gail that she blew her chance to rekindle things with Michael she’s devastated and Audrey tries to comfort her.

When Robert berates Tracy for throwing her weight around at the Bistro and bitching about Carla, she storms out. Later, she proves to Carla that she has the upper hand by ringing Nick on her mobile. Panicked, Carla smashes her phone before Tracy can say anything. Tracy grins smugly and tells a shaken Carla she owes her a phone.

Dev plucks up the courage to ask Erica to be his plus one at the wedding and she agrees, suggesting they should be more than “friends with benefits”.

Kylie and David leave a seemingly content Sarah in hospital but when they’ve gone Sarah’s anxiety is clear. Tim takes a taxi booking for the airport and gives it to Tyrone but Eileen explains he needs a special licence costing £300 before he can work for them.