Emilia encourages Michael to be the free-wheeling teacher she remembers he once was. Buoyed, Michael agrees but soon finds himself stifled by Priya’s rules. Picking the students up on piercings and untucked shirts, she also insists that all teachers are addressed properly, by their title and surname. Michael tries to go along with it, but seeing what it does to the students’ motivation, he defies Priya’s orders, and resorts back to his unique teaching approach.

Sophie agrees to Andrew’s deal and stays with Corey until he signs Red Cotton, but with Corey being too full on, Sophie cracks and dumps him, spilling the beans that she used him so Andrew could sign the band. When Andrew gets a call from Red Cotton, canceling their deal, he knows Sophie has backed out on their agreement already and dumped Corey. However, he doesn’t realise Summer witnesses him laying into Sophie, and she pulls him up on choosing money over his own family.

Callum expects Priya’s daughter, Rani, to be the principal’s pet. However, after Rani surprises him in class, Callum reaches out to her and tries to make friends. But she’s clearly unimpressed by his initial judgment of her.