Michael swindles Jean

Michael is desperate to get his hands on some money when Janine insists the wedding venue needs to be paid by tomorrow. When Michael learns that Jean is doing the books for Alfie, he scrapes together 500 pounds and lies to Jean that it’s a return on her investment. Michael cleverly lets Jean come to the conclusion that Alfie should invest, too. He’s frustrated when she later changes her mind, worried about not telling Alfie.

Ian employs Lauren to clean the cafe ahead of a health inspection, but she tips the bins on the floor following an argument, just as his accountant and the health inspector walk in! The cafe is given a clean bill of health, but it’s not good news from Ian’s accountant… Later, Ian upsets Mandy and to make up for it rashly agrees to splash out on a cruise for their honeymoon.

Alfie arranges a barbecue at the Vic to make extra money. The barbecue is a flop when Kim lures all his trade to the B&B by announcing she’ll have a surprise Olympic guest for the grand reopening. The crowd are miffed when the ‘guest’ turns out to be torch-bearer Billy, while Kim’s new sign is a hideous neon monstrosity!