Michael’s a good-looking bloke but he’s not very bright. Cain has made it very clear on more than one occasion that he doesn’t want daughter Debbie messed around, but Michael doesn’t appear to have understood. Or he just has a death wish. Michael says he has to go and explain everything to his best man and a suspicious Cain wants to know why the best man still thinks there’s going to be a wedding. He goes for a drive with Michael and has his suspicions confirmed when Michael can’t look him in the eye and say he has called off his wedding. Cain lets his fists do the rest of his talking and tells a badly beaten Michael to get out of Debbie’s life. Has he finally got the message?

Also annoyed, but not to the point of violence, is Laurel when she sees Sally is back again, this time to apologise for crying on Ashley’s shoulder. Is this the last they’ll see of her?

Leyla certainly hasn’t heard the last of her theft from the Home Farm shop. Nathan enjoys watching her squirm as he reminds her that he needs repayment sooner rather than later. Just what is the weasel up to?