Michael tells Tommy he’s his daddy!

Michael is excited about seeing Scarlett again, heading to the hospital with a birthday present. As time ticks by, it’s clear that Janine isn’t going to show. After losing his temper with the hospital staff, Michael’s ejected by security. When Kat comforts Michael, he picks up Tommy and plays with him. After Tommy responds, an emotional Michael tells Tommy that he’s his daddy. Kat is gobsmacked!

Bianca calls out a plumber to fix a blocked sink. When a guy arrives, she assumes he’s the plumber and sets him to work. Bianca is shocked when the real plumber turns up. She demands to know who the stranger is, discovering he’s Carl, the man she called about David. Carl pays Alice a visit, snooping in Derek’s old bedroom. He then confronts Ian about the lockbox, terrifying him when he makes a comment about being recently out of prison!

When Peter asks after Lauren, Tanya decides that he might do Lauren some good, persuading Max to put Peter back in touch with her. Despite Max not being into the idea, Tanya has a word with Peter, encouraging him to go round. The visit isn’t a success, however, when Lauren feels nauseous and a disturbed Peter makes a quick exit.